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Our Name, Our Philosophy

Impevis represents more than just a name; it embodies our deep-rooted philosophy within the maritime industry. Impevis originates from the merger of two significant synonyms: 'IMPERIUM' (symbolizing control) and 'NAVIS' (representing ships). This unique blend symbolizes our commitment to crafting a maritime future driven by control and innovation.
At Impevis, we are dedicated to facilitating seamless connections in the maritime world, ensuring that control and innovation steer the course for industry excellence.

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Connecting Maritime Excellence Worldwide

Impevis serves as the essential link in the maritime industry. Our platform effortlessly connects maritime service providers, including inspectors and surveyors, with a global network of shipowners, charterers, flag states, banks, consulting firms, and more.
What sets Impevis apart is our Real-time Location Mapping feature. It enables you to pinpoint service providers' exact locations, allowing for efficient, compliant operations on vessels of all types across the world. Impevis is your trusted partner for seamless, industry-wide connectivity.

Real-time Mapping - Discover Maritime Services Worldwide

Impevis offers an unprecedented level of insight into the maritime service landscape through our innovative Real-time Mapping feature.

Service Providers, Everywhere You Need Them

Imagine having access to a map that not only pinpoints the locations of maritime service providers but also tracks their current operations in real time. Impevis offers precisely that capability. Our Real-time Mapping feature showcases service providers at their original bases and dynamically updates their positions as they relocate to distant destinations. This means you can find the services you require, exactly where and when you need them.


Comprehensive Provider Profiles

By clicking on a service provider's icon on the map, you gain access to a wealth of information. Explore details about the services they offer, their years of experience, certifications, and accreditations. Impevis provides insights into their credentials and affiliations with respected industry societies. This level of detail empowers you to make informed decisions, ensuring that you select the right service provider for your specific needs.


Empowering Maritime Connections

Impevis's Real-time Mapping goes beyond being a map; it serves as a gateway to efficiency, quality, and compliance within the maritime industry. Whether you are a ship owner seeking inspections, a charterer in need of surveyors, or a flag state ensuring compliance, our mapping feature connects you with the experts who can deliver results, regardless of your location in the world.


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Experience the future of maritime service connectivity with Impevis. Join us today and discover how our Real-time Mapping can revolutionize your maritime operations."

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For Ship Owners and Operators:

  • Efficient Service Sourcing: Easily connect with a wide range of maritime service providers, including inspectors, surveyors, and service companies, streamlining the process of obtaining essential services for your vessels.
  • Real-Time Location Mapping: Impevis's mapping feature allows you to pinpoint service providers' locations, helping you make informed decisions based on proximity, reducing downtime, and minimizing operational disruptions.
  • Cost Savings: Impevis facilitates competitive bidding and efficient service sourcing, helping you secure cost-effective services, ultimately reducing operational expenses.
  • Compliance Assurance: Access tools and resources to ensure that the services you receive align with industry regulations and standards, reducing the risk of regulatory issues.
  • Global Connectivity: Impevis provides access to a vast network of service providers and industry stakeholders worldwide, simplifying vessel management and maintenance regardless of their location.

For Maritime Service Providers:

  • Increased Visibility: Impevis enhances your online presence and visibility within the maritime industry, making it easier for potential clients to discover and engage your services.
  • Expanded Client Base: Connect with a diverse range of clients, including ship owners, charterers, flag states, banks, consulting companies, oil and gas majors, and more, expanding your business opportunities.
  • Efficient Workflow: Utilize Impevis's platform for service scheduling, client communication, and real-time updates, streamlining your workflow and reducing administrative overhead.
  • Competitive Advantage: Impevis provides access to a global market and allows you to showcase your expertise and capabilities, helping you stay competitive.

For Charterers, Flag States, Banks, Consulting Firms, and Other Industry Stakeholders:


  • Comprehensive Access: Impevis offers a unified platform for accessing a wide array of maritime service providers, facilitating efficient service procurement for your specific roles. Time and Cost
  • Savings: Streamlined service procurement through Impevis leads to significant time and cost savings for your organisation. Enhanced Decision-Making: Access real-time data and insights on service provider locations and availability, aiding in better decision-making and planning.
  • Compliance Assurance: Ensure that the services you utilise meet regulatory requirements and industry standards, reducing compliance-related risks.
  • Industry Networking: Impevis fosters networking and collaboration with other industry stakeholders, promoting knowledge sharing and partnership opportunities.