For Ship Owners and Operators:

How can Impevis help me find the right service provider for my vessel?

All service providers are verified prior being accepted. By using search option, various experienced providers can be chosen

What types of services are available on Impevis for shipowners and operators?

All types of services can be selected from the Service Type section, if any services are not listed please let know.

Is there a cost associated with using Impevis as a ship owner/operator?

No there are no cost assisted with using Impevis as an any type of clients, however service prices are based on hourly rates and additional cost may be encountered like travel al accommodation expenses.

How do I search for service providers on Impevis?

There are various ways to search for service providers, simple search can be used by choosing location dates. For registered users search can be done by price ranges as well. For more advanced search filter criteria can be used, where more search options are available including experience in various projects or fields.

Can I view service provider ratings and reviews on the platform?

Ratings and reviews are not available at the moment.

What information is available on a service provider's profile?

Full service provider profile information is available only for registered clients. Service Provider profile is not available for other service providers. Detailed service provider experience is available at the each service provider profile.

How do I contact a service provider through Impevis?

Service provider can be only contacted by sending service request. When service request is received by the client and accepted then contact details to service providers are received and service can be commenced.

What should I do if I encounter issues with a service provider I found on Impevis?

When encountering any issues with service provider please contact us at info@impevis.com providing details of service provider

For Maritime Service Providers:

How can I create a profile for my service company on Impevis?

Simply register and provide contact details as well as complete detailed experience and experience. Keep calendar up to dated to show your client availability dates. When service request is approved by the client you will be asked to complete all company details in Paymo project management software as well as in Stripe payment profile.

What types of services can I offer on Impevis?

Only services available at the Impevis registration page “Services Types” can be offered to the clients. If services are not available, please select “Other” and describe service type so proposed services may be added in the future.

Is there a fee associated with listing my services on the platform?

No there are no fees associated with listing services on the platform.

How can I update my service offerings, certifications, and accreditations on my profile?

Services offering, certifications and accreditations can be updated any time in service provider administration panel.

Can I respond to inquiries from ship owners and operators through Impevis?

Yes all clients are able to send service request which is received by selected service provider. When service request is received, service provider shall prepare as close as possible service estimate providing all costs associated with provided services including number of personnel, hours spent on the project, during reporting or administration and when on standby, millage for the private car use, travel and accommodation expenses. When estimate is accepted by the client detailed

What are the benefits of being approved service provider on Impevis?

Some client require to have only verified service providers to be used for their services, therefore is important to have detailly completed experience profile. By being approved by some of the major client will increase the chance to be approved or selected by other clients for provision of services.

How do I maintain my visibility on the Real-time Mapping feature?

Real-time Mapping feature is most important Impevis feature as it shows real time service provider availability at main and alternative location. To maintain real time visibility is important to keep calendar up to date by adding other projects or holidays and showing only availability time. If calendar is not up to date this my result on removing from the platform, when more the 3 service request are rejected by the service provider.

What support resources are available for service providers on Impevis?

If any support is required please contact us @ info@impevis.com

For Charterers, Flag States, Banks, Consulting Firms, and Other Stakeholders:

How can Impevis benefit organizations in my industry role?

Impevis is a platform with real time available services including specific vessel surveys, inspections and client representation services. Each service can be search for specific vessel type, service expertise as well as price.

What types of maritime services can I source through Impevis?

Presently Impevis provides services of various independent vessel inspectors and surveyors, assessors and Client Representation as well as number of Maritime Services indicated in section Marine Services. If service which you are interested in is not available please contact with us at info@impevis.com and let us know type of service so we can source service providers and add new service for the next service upgrade.

Is there a subscription or membership required to use Impevis for sourcing services?

Paid subscription or membership is not required however to view detailed service provider expertise registration is required. All users are verified and only after positive verification account is created.

How do I access the Real-time Mapping feature on Impevis?

Real time mapping feature is available all the time for registered and none registered users however only registered users can view service providers details and request service estimate.

Can I receive notifications when service providers relocate to a specific area?

No, notifications are not provided. System shows service providers available in their operating areas and operating areas are displayed on the map.

What are the compliance and accreditation checks in place for service providers on Impevis?

All services providers compliance and accreditations ate verified. Only after positive verification service provider account is activated. During registration process service provider is requested to provide copy of accreditations as well as references and certificates.

Is there a way to track and manage multiple service requests through the platform?

Yes, all services both requested as well as ongoing and completed can be viewed in client admin panel.

How can my organization collaborate with Impevis for industry initiatives?

For any industry initiatives please contact us at info@impevis.com

For Client Representatives:

How can Impevis assist Client Representatives in the oil and gas and offshore wind sectors?

If you are an expert in any of the fields indicated at the service provider registration site please feel free to register for verification of your application.

What benefits does Impevis offer for Client Representatives looking to connect with energy majors?

As a global platform we are able to show yours services to various clients who requires services at your destination or as per your expertise. We constantly source new clients within various fields and projects.

Can Client Representatives use Impevis to find opportunities with both oil and gas companies and offshore wind projects?

Yes, your profile will become available to all our clients.

How do I create a profile as a Client Representative on Impevis?

Simply register and select Client Representative

Is there a fee for Client Representatives to access Impevis and connect with potential clients?

No there is no fee for Client Representatives to access IPEVIS an connect with potential clients

What information can Client Representatives include on their profiles to attract potential clients?

We encourage Client Representatives to provide detailed information on their expertise in their profile as well as update availability in calendar. By keeping your data updated by adding recent expertise you will be able to access new customers.