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About CDI (Chemical Distribution Institute)

CDI, the Chemical Distribution Institute, operates as a non-profit foundation under the laws of the Netherlands. Our primary mission is to oversee and audit the global supply chain for the safe and efficient transport and storage of bulk and packaged chemicals.


CDI's objectives are outlined in our Quality Policy Document, where we commit to:

Enhancing Safety, Security, and Quality: We focus on improving the safety, security, and quality performance of marine transportation and storage within the chemical industry.

Collaboration with Industry and Education: We foster collaboration with industry stakeholders and educational institutions to promote best practices and ensure compliance with international legislation.

Providing Expertise: We offer industry-specific information and advice on best practices and international legislation related to marine transportation and chemical storage to our valued customers and stakeholders.

Advocacy and Monitoring: We continuously monitor current and forthcoming international legislation and provide insights, knowledge, and advice from the chemical industry to legislators.

Cost-Effective Risk Assessment: We assist chemical companies by providing cost-effective systems for risk assessment, supporting their commitment to Responsible Care.

Reliable Inspection Data: We provide a single, reliable, and consistent source of inspection data that chemical companies can confidently use.

Training and Accreditation: CDI serves as an independent organization for training, qualification, and accreditation of inspectors, ensuring industry standards are met.

Comprehensive Questionnaires:

CDI inspections utilize comprehensive questionnaires developed by our Technical Committees. These questionnaires meet the information requirements of chemical companies for their risk assessment processes. They also offer ship owners, bulk storage terminals, and supply chain companies an objective report on compliance with regulatory and industry standards.


CDI inspectors are independent professionals accredited by CDI. They hold Class I marine certificates or equivalent academic qualifications relevant to the industry sector. Our inspectors are highly experienced in the activities and working practices of specific supply chains. Candidates undergo rigorous training, including written and oral examinations, to achieve accreditation.

For more information on CDI's inspection process, please visit CDI Inspection Process.

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